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Why Are Artificial Plants So Expensive?

If you want an eco-friendly option or you have significant events coming up, you may prefer using fake flowers instead of real flowers. Some interior decorators and event designers rely on artificial plants and fake flowers to spice up their spaces.

Artificial plants often add colour, atmosphere, and the feel of a real-life green environment without any commitment to taking care of a natural plant. However, they can sometimes come at an extra cost. So, why are artificial plants so expensive? Despite the costs, there are also many benefits to buying fake plants. There are also a few reasons to go for real flowers. There are also different ways to style fake plants and flowers versus their real counterparts. Let's discuss some of these frequently asked questions and see if we can get to the bottom of the issue.

Benefits Of Buying Fake Plants

You will find many faux plants, especially particular leafy ones, are very lifelike. The same goes for realistic flowers. This is why fake plants can add a nice green boost to your home, especially in darker spaces. You may be surprised by some of the benefits of buying fake plants and flowers.

Easier to maintain

Maintaining real flowers such as roses can be difficult, time consuming and tedious. To keep them blooming, you have to prune and tend to them regularly. In addition, you have to remember to water them routinely. Natural plants and flowers will inevitably die if you do not sustain your maintenance routine.

On the other hand, artificial flowers may only need dusting off once a month. Artificial plants are a great choice if you do not have time or lack a green thumb. Well-maintained fake or real flowers will undoubtedly beautify your home or office. Keeping your space beautifully decorated with greenery helps to create a peaceful and welcoming environment.

So, if the routine tasks involved in maintaining real flowers are putting you off, this is where artificial plants become very beneficial. They can help you achieve a décor without working too hard.

Cost less long term

Faux greenery may sometimes be more expensive than real ones. However, when you consider the amount of time and care you put in when caring for natural vegetation, the price of real flowers starts to surpass that of faux plants.

You can’t argue that it would be preferrable to spend a little more money on artificial plants initially that will last forever, rather than spending hard-earned money on flowers that wither within a few days. Therefore, when you consider the cost to maintain or replace natural plants, you may prefer getting artificial succulents instead.

Last a long time

Artificial plants such as those made from silk can last almost a lifetime. Their materials are robust and evergreen. Come winter or summer; artificial flowers will not have stems growing out of shape or flowers falling off. Moreover, their colours remain consistent and vibrant throughout the year. This means your home or office will always maintain its pleasant charm.

No design limitations

Whether it be it your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or living room, you can use plants and flowers to beautify your space without limitations. Artificial plants allow you to decorate creatively. On the other hand, natural plants have certain restrictions. Some plants and flowers are not fit for poorly lit rooms, many natural plants are seasonal in their lifespan, and you can find it really difficult to twist real flowers and plants to your preferred shape.

If you compare real flowers and plants with a comparable artificial plant such as a snake plant. they can be highly flexible. The artificial version also allows you to make any necessary adjustments to fit your intended style, shape, or size.

No allergic effects

In general, fake plants are non-hypoallergenic. You cannot get allergies or negative reactions from artificial flowers. Natural plants can disperse pollen that may trigger reactions from people’s immune systems. This can result in issues such as skin inflammation, rashes, sneezing fits, and headaches. There are a variety of shrubs, plants, and flowers that exist that are well known to induce allergies. Real flowers can also introduce germs, bugs and pests to your home from the soil.

What Makes Artificial Plants So Costly?

For anyone who has done some research, whether you are an interior decorator, home designer, or simply passionate about plants, you may already understand that fake flowers can be quite expensive. There are a few reasons behind the cost, and once you understand why, you begin to appreciate the effort that goes into making these beautiful alternatives to the real thing.

Production material

The cost to consumer of an artificial plant depends greatly on the quality of the material used. For example, fake flowers made out of foam or cheap plastics are generally cheaper than those made from silks, satin, polyester and high grade polyethylene. Generally, the more natural fake flowers appear, the more expensive they will be.

Require extra skill

Today, realistic looking artificial greenery requires skilled labour and attention to detail to mirror their natural cousins. They require intricate and detailed designs which are often researched and handcrafted. Manufacturing from premium silk materials also requires extra skill and talents. The time and effort involved in designing such plants plays a part in accounting for the higher cost.


Plant stores often feel there is justification in selling artificial plants at higher prices. When you consider the various expenses involved in the business, this begins to make sense. Some fake plants are imported. Also, there are costs such as fuel surcharges on deliveries, gas bills, storage and packing costs. The special care taken in sourcing and providing quality plants to consumers should also be considered. It takes expertise required to pick, choose and sell a quality product.

Long lasting

There is simply no doubting the fact that fake flowers last longer when compared to real flowers. Artificial plants and flowers do not fade. This may not be an essential factor if you only need flowers for a one-time event. However, when decorating your home or office, you need to consider long-term value. Similarly, silk plants can be used multiple times and can even be rotated in and out of storage. Unlike natural plants, you can take a fake flower out after some years, and it will still look fresh for use.

Easy to maintain

You do not need to remember to water artificial plants. You do not need special lighting or soil. In addition, you do not need to monitor the air temperature or humidity. Another beneficial factor is that their fabric can be washed and dried. Maintaining the original appearance of the flower with minimal effort is a huge benefit of fake plants.

How To Style Fake Plants and Flowers

Are you looking to curate artificial flowers in your home or office? There are endless possibilites when it comes to styling with fake plants. You can house artificial flowers in a glass vase, place them near a wall, on the floor, or on the table. You can also hang artificial plants. A hanging plant is an excellent option because you do not need much space. Hanging your plants is a great idea as it can add to the beauty of your home with an eye-catching point of difference.

If you want to get a tad more creative, you can use artificial hanging baskets. This is an excellent choice because you can hang your flowers and plants from hooks on the ceiling or rafters, rather than needing to hang them on the wall. Proper styling can take your usual décor and styling to new heights. Here are some tips on styling faux plants.

Place artificial plants in pots

You can “re-pot” your fake plant in a trendy planter if necessary. Ceramic planters, modern plant stands, or wicker baskets are all great choices. Silk flowers look lovely in ceramic flower vases or classic glass vases. Complementing your faux flower arrangements with a glass vase is a great way to highlight the colour of the bloom rather than deter with a colourful vase.

Use seasonal faux plants to stay trendy

Artificial plants and flowers can literally last a lifetime. However, you may from time to time want to change your décor styling. This can mean either changing your pots and vases or seasonally rotating the plants you have on display. This can go a long way to keep your décor and faux plants looking fresh. By complement your décor with plants that fit the season, you will see the value of investing in quality fake plants.

Mix fake floral arrangements with real greenery

Your vase of beautiful, colourful blooms when complemented with lush, real greenery is another way to enhance the use of your fake flowers. The benefit of this is that live greenery does not generally cost that much, and you can even sometimes find it for free! This technique can give a fresh look to your beautiful artificial floral arrangements.

Use the right plant for the right area

For shelves

Here, you can place faux potted plants or faux succulents. Another great option is a string of pearls plant which can dangle over the edge of the shelves.

For empty corners

Empty corners are ideal for potted trees and tall plants. They add great texture and visual interest. But be ready as big plants – whether real or faux plants – such as a live fiddle leaf fig tree can put a dent in your pocket. Still, a tall artificial potted fiddle leaf tree can look as natural and realistic in empty corners as real plants- which are also expensive and need lots of care! Other great options for empty corners include an artificial palm tree in a pot and a faux bird of paradise tree.

For vases or tabletops

You can go beyond using potted plants by using flowers or plants in vases full of greenery with stems that look natural. Preferably, opt for a bouquet of fake flowers that you will not get tired of seeing. You can even mix in some real stems occasionally. Great options for vases and tabletops include faux potted lavender, faux monstera leaf, and faux potted fiddle leaf house plant.

For covered porches

Artificial plants are not only used as indoor plants. You can definitely opt for artificial trees and topiaries for your covered front verandah or back porch. Good options for outside the home include Boston fern, Brooklyn floor boxwood topiary, and a faux fiddle leaf plant in a terracotta pot.

Frequently Asked Questions on Fake Plants

What are considered the best fake plants?

Artificial plants made from quality materials are considered the best. They should be made of high-quality materials such as silk, which makes it difficult to distinguish them as fake.

How are artificial flowers cleaned?

You can use a feather duster, a hairdryer on a cool setting, or compressed air. You can also use a damp cloth to clean faux flowers.

What do real touch flowers entail?

Made of a latex type polymer rather than silk, real touch flowers are very realistic in both look and feel. However, silk flowers are considered to be sturdier as they usually have a coating which adds to its lifespan and making it feel real.

Do artificial flowers make good gifts?

Beautifully crafted artificial plants have many benefits. You are not required to remember to water them and there is no need for pruning or sunlight. A bunch of fake flowers in a vase looks excellent as a decoration in your home. So, yes, they make good gifts.

How durable are artificial house plants?

Artificial house plants do not need weekly watering, daily sunlight, or seasonal re-potting and they also come in many varieties. Artificial plants can also be moved easily if you find you need the space back. Even in storage, artificial house plants have the benefit of longevity.

What other options exist apart from fake flowers?

Paper flowers have been known as an alternative to traditional fake flowers. DIY paper blooms are a good fun and playful choice as an alternative to silk or plastic florals.

How do you weatherproof artificial flowers?

Indoor artificial plants and flowers can be weatherproofed. You can use specific spray fabric protectant appropriate for patio furniture. After the leaves are coated, they can stand up to most weather conditions. It is a good idea to test the product first on a small area to ensure it doesn’t damage your beautiful plants.

How do you freshen up fake flowers?

Use a clean, damp, micro-fibre cloth and carefully wipe over the leaves and flowers. Don't use too much pressure and remember to use only water. You don't want any chemicals touching the leaves and flowers.

How do you prevent artificial flowers from fading?

For your outdoor artificial plants, you can make sure they are covered and in the shade. Alternatively, there are UV protectant sprays available on the market also. It may be a good idea to invest in UV resistant plants if wanting to display them outside in the sun.

Where To Buy Fake Plants

Buying your fake plants online from shops that stock faux plants is usually the most reliable and cost-effective option. If purchasing from a local store, be sure to check the quality of their plants and their reputation.

Artificial plants and fake flowers can add so much colour and atmosphere to your home or office. Good plant shops offer high-quality artificial plants you can use for various occasions or simply as holiday decor. These can include rubber trees, flowering plants, and a variety of plant selections and home accessories.

Moreover, you can get great discounts during special offer periods such as Black Friday deals. You can get fashionable fake plants rather than going for a cheap artificial plant that looks overly fake. Great examples include a fake olive tree, fig tree, or an outdoor palm tree under a patio with shade.

Bring Green Life to Your Home

Since you now know some benefits of buying fake plants, why artificial plants are so expensive, how to style fake plants and flowers, and what plant shops offer, you can take the next step and greenify your home. Even though you may not have a green thumb, you can always use the services of a professional who is well versed in artificial plants to assist you.

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