What are the Most Natural Looking Artificial Plants?

7th Jul 2022

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. With so many different plant varieties, colours, shapes and sizes it's difficult to know which artificial plant is the right one to choose for your home or office. We have the philosophy here that if you're going to go artificial, they better look lifelike otherwise what's the point?!

In this article we will explore what makes a really lifelike artificial plant, things to look out for and things to avoid when looking to purchase your new faux plants. There are certain types of plants that will look more lifelike than others, so we will share that list with you as well.

Manufacturing Materials

There are lots of different ways to manufacture/ make an artificial plant. Not only the manufacturing techniques vary but also the materials used in the manufacturing process. These materials will influence the look of the end product. As an example, if fake plants are made with cheap plastics then the end result will look like cheap plastic as well. In general fake plants are made with a variety of materials such as silk, plastic, latex, natural timber.

When choosing your artificial tree, flower arrangement or fake plant be sure to find out what materials they are made from. So if you are purchasing a tree, are the trunks made of real timber? If you are purchasing flowers, are the petals real touch?

These important details play a big part in just how natural looking your artificial plants will be. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. If you are wanting a stunningly life like flower arrangement or fake plant then premium materials will need to have been used in the manufacturing process. This makes sure that you will have the most like like artificial plant possible.

In Situ Styling

One factor that really plays a big role in just how natural your plant looks is the way you style it. Even a top quality faux plant will look terrible if it is styled badly… And boy have we seen some shockers!

When you receive your new artificial plant or tree and you've unboxed it, it's a great idea to bring up our website and find the photo of the plant or tree you've purchased. Use this as a guideline on how the tree should look once it is styled correctly. Think about how trees look in nature and style each branch, leaf stem, and trunk to resemble nature.

Remember, it doesn't matter what plant you choose if it is styled badly… it won't look natural.

The combination of a high-quality artificial plant and excellent styling is a combination that brings that wow factor to every space. It's important to style the plants in a way that fits with your home as well. As an example, if you have a small corner were you wanting to place a plant or tree, you can always style the front portion of the tree and leave the rear portion of the tree un-styled so that it fits closer to the wall. This will give you more space and will still look great

Where you place your artificial plants

Placing your plants in the right spot is just as important as the styling itself. Be sure not to place them in the middle of walkways of walkways and other inconvenient spots (even if they look good there)… the are best kept to low foot traffic areas so you don’t need to change your lifestyle to accomodate the tree or plant. They should be placed in areas that effortlessly add to the ambience of your space with minimal intrusion.

One of the best ways to choose where to place your new artificial plant, tree flower arrangement is to experiment throughout a week, placing it in a new place each day to see how everyone likes it. Ask others if it adds or detracts to the feel of your space.

Cleaning your plants to look their best

Another way to make sure your artificial plants look the most natural they can is by keeping them clean. A dirty faux plant means the lush green colour of the leaves will be hidden by a dull sheen of dust. This all detracts from their vibrancy and makes them look less and less natural over time. To give you the most natural looking plant possible, keep them clean by wiping them down regularly with a damp microfibre cloth.

There are several ways of cleaning your artificial plants, depending on which one you prefer (our preference is a regular wipe with a damp, clean cloth)

Fine details that bring the look together

Often times it's the fine details that make an artificial plant, tree or flower arrangement look more natural. Many of our trees and plants have artificial moss and soil, further enhancing the natural look. Our Trees and Phoenix Palms have fibrous, natural timber trunks. Flower arrangements have crystal clear artificial water while many of the flowers themselves are real to the touch.

Now if you compare that to a low quality plastic plant, it’s not going to look nearly as natural in comparison.

In short… the fine details make all the difference.
Remember that your artificial plant is something that you'll be looking at each and every day so you want it to look as natural as possible. There is nothing worse than getting a cheap artificial plant, seeing every day and feeling disappointed (we've all been there).
Long after the enjoyment goes of getting something for a great price, you’re left with the emotion of how the product makes you feel every day… so be sure to choose with a product that makes you feel good.

A list of the most natural looking artificial plants

So with all those things in mind, what are our staff favourites here for the most natural looking products?
This is not a full list, rather just some of our favourite categories.

  • Palm Trees - lot of choice in different height ranges, all with lifelike qualities.
  • Fiddle Leaf Trees - the taller the better.
  • Premium Olive Trees
  • Orchids - we absolutely love these and how real they feel as well as look
  • Hanging Plants - These are so versatile they can fit just about anywhere, instantly infusing a sense of nature into every space.
Palm TreesFiddle Leaf TreesOlive TreesOrchidsHanging Plants

In summary, finding the most natural looking artificial plant is more than just looking at the plant itself. There are a number of other factors that go into making a plant look natural, from how it is manufactured, where it is placed, keeping it clean as well as the styling of the branches and leaves.

It's always a great idea to look for high-quality fake plants which gives you a big head start! Great styling can't save a cheap and nasty fake plant.

If you have a spot in your home where are you wanting to place an artificial plant, tree or flower arrangement and don't quite know what is going to work or look good, feel free to get in touch. We are happy to offer a free expert advice to make the job of finding your perfect, natural looking artificial plant as easy as possible.