Just Fake It with Artificial Flowers


Fake flowers are having a moment. They’re popping up on social media in home decorating trends as a top lifestyle hack to turn your home into a welcoming calm space. We’re being duly influenced by these influencers and their lush lifestyles and green finger vibes. And it’s not just because of their great angled photos and strong back lighting. It’s because quality artificial flowers don’t look artificial anymore. The plastic coated weird smelling rubber plants of our childhoods have been replaced by mother nature clones. Good quality artificial flowers, which for the record is all we stock here (just sayin’) reflect natures inconsistencies. Our barks have rough textures, leaves are unique in pattern and our flowers mimic natural colours (we say NO to neon!)

Many of our fake flowers even feel real. We see it all the time, customers touch leaves and then go in for the smell test. That’s how we know just how good they are.

Dark Pink Peony in Glass Vase with water 35cm
  • Stunning Pink flowers in different stages of bloom
  • Lush green leaves
  • Artificial water securely holding the stems in place
  • Gorgeous glass vase.

Colour Injection

There’s pretty much nothing a good fake plant can’t do for a room in terms of positive vibes. Fake it in areas of your home that are hard to reach but are screaming for a pop of colour – kitchen shelves, tops of bookcases, high open shelving.

Green Agave in Concrete Pot 23cm

Mixed Succulents in pot 17cm (set of 2)

If you make a mistake – move it! No biggie. Transform a different spot. Or even better, change it to a different pot. The textures of the pots and containers should never outshine the plant, but it’s amazing to see how different the same plant will look in a different base. Choose from rattan baskets, Renoir pots, mosaic style - do you know what, just check out our range here.

Make your Home Glow

You know those corners in your home that the sun never sees and even the cat avoids? Brighten up that shadowy gloom where natural flowers wouldn’t last five minutes, with a good fake one. Boost your jungle vibes and change that space with some confident Mimosa Spray.
There are no rules here. If you want to mix up fake flowers with real ones. Do. This blend works fabulously in outdoor areas where real flowers are at the mercy of real weather and can do with a decorating boost from some fake flowers. No one will ever be able to tell the difference, and you’ll be complimented on your green thumb. Cheers to that.

Yellow Mimosa Spray 1m

Geranium Bush Trail 60cm

Pink Blushing Bride in Basket 40cm

And finally, find that floral display that will make your heart sing whenever you walk in the door. You won’t have to worry about watering it, about the kids knocking into it, or the cat getting allergies from it. You’ll just get to enjoy this floral delight time and time again, for years to come. Sounds pretty nice, and you know you’re worth it.

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