Artificial Orchids ooze Sophistication


My Nanna always used to say ‘you can never go wrong with an orchid’. What she meant was, ‘you can never go wrong with an artificial orchid.’ While orchids are the most highly coveted plants due to their delicate and exotic beauty, they wilt easily, need an abundance of sunlight and high moisture levels. Thank goodness for artificial orchids. All of that graceful elegance without any of the hassle.

No green thumb – no problem

The Chinese cultivated orchids for 3,000 years – which is a very long time to try and keep a plant alive! But lucky for us they managed to perfect this almost perfect flower, which we at the artificial plant shop have replicated. Honestly, you wouldn’t know the difference; the rich flower blossoms have a yellow bud contrast, the leaves are varied and textured just like the real thing. But unlike the real thing, you don’t have to worry about allergies, soil on the ground or killing this beautiful creation. For the real deal artificial orchid in a pot, take a look at this one, paired with a Chinese inspired planter. Just a bit gorgeous.

Get a little bit La-De-Dah at home with luxurious artificial orchids
These sophisticated flowers add a freshness to any room that can transform your mood. With the right pots and height they can be positioned on the floor maybe beside the TV cabinet or at the foot of the stairs. We’d recommend the Cymbidium Orchid at 1.1 meters for a corner in the house that needs a bit of va-va-voom, or place a large white orchid on a hallway table to feel a touch of well needed glamour as you cross the threshold. Did we mention with artificial orchids you don’t need to worry about natural sunlight? So that hallway that’s only lit by a lamp, the bathroom with a tiny skylight, the office with a reading lamp - they’re all spots that are crying out for a bright, fresh beautiful orchid.

Phal Orchid in Chinese Pot 68cm
Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid in Chinese Pot
White Orchids Potted in Urn 50cmPink Orchid in Teracotta Pot 65cm
Pink Fake Orchid in Terracotta Pot
Orchid Leaves Potted 83cm
Potted fake orchid leaves

An artificial orchid can make stunning centerpieces in kitchens, on dining room tables, or counter tops. But feel free to let your inner decorating diva out and experiment with positioning – what’s the worst that can happen? It’s not like you can kill an artificial orchid (phew, always good to know!). With this elegant flower the possibilities are endless, you can try and group them for dramatic, exotic effect. Or create a romantic look - team your artificial plant in a pot with teapots, cups and candles. Can’t you just see that resting on a shelf? How it would create a certain atmosphere in your house that will have visitors complimenting you on your creative know how? Wait until they see how you’ve scattered potted around a bookcase, almost like you’ve created an orchid wall – you’ll be the toast of the town. 

Take your artificial orchid to work day
In Chinese culture white orchids symbolize purity, humility and innocence and are considered lucky flowers. Everyone needs some luck in their lives and double doses of it in our work lives, which is why a fake plant is the ideal companion for the office reception desk. No mess, no fuss, just delicate, sophistication and bucket loads of good luck. Pink orchids bring grace, joy and happiness into your life – sounds like a recipe for success, and the lush pink is a welcome colour pop in any environment. It looks like Nanna was right afterall.

Light Pink Orchid in paper pot 1.1m
Fake orchid light pink
White orchid in Glass Vase 1mFake Flowers - white Orchid White Cymbidium Orchid in Pot 80cm
Fake flowers - cymbidium orchid
White Real Touch Phal Orchid in Silver pot
Fake flowers - phal orchid in silver bowl

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