What Do We Have that the Bunnings Artificial Plant Department Doesn’t?


Our major advantage is that we have a massive selection of realistic artificial plants on offer, rather than just a few trendy items such as in the Bunnings artificial plant store.
However - this not a trend for us.
We have always seen the need and the value of artificial plants which is why we have sourced the most lifelike plants in the world to stock our showroom.
Our range of products is huge. You can shop via our our easy to navigate website, or if you would like some product recommendation or to place an order over the phone, we welcome that as well.

Shopping With Us Has its Benefits.
We know our plants and can help you to decorate a difficult area in your home, office or commercial project. Our staff can suggest complimentary style plants to make a stylish display… something you’re not likely to experience at the Bunnings artificial plants department.
We ship Australia wide and offering you Free Shipping to most states of Australia on orders over $100. This equates to a sizeable saving for you. Our delivery tracking service means you can track your order from shop to your home or office.

Our Stunning Statement Pieces Will Bring Your Home to Life!
Phalaenopsis Orchids (often known as Moth Orchids because of their shape) are always a popular artificial plant, and we stock some of the best in the world.
From the creamy white to stunning pinks and yellows – we have them all. While the Bunnings artificial plant department does offer a few specimens to their clients, we can offer large or small orchids, a group of several in a stylish pot or maybe you prefer the single orchid stem plant? Explore our range today.

Our orchids are so realistic you will want to touch them to find out if they are real … and even then it is hard to tell!

Phal Orchid in Silver Pot 65cm 
          Phal Orchid in Silver Pot 65cm
Boston Fern 80cm
       Artificial Boston Fern 80cm

Do You Love Ferns, but They Don’t Love You?
When you shop with us that’s not a problem anymore. Your friends will be asking you how you manage to grow those amazing ferns in your entranceway! What is your secret they will ask?

  • We have beautiful Boston Ferns that are bushy, thick, and look so real you may catch yourself watering them!
  • Home improvement stores such as the Bunnings artificial plant departments do stock some ferns, but ours have a timeless and premium quality that is hard to resist.
  • Our ferns can fill a difficult area such as a drafty stairwell or a hot sunny room where the sun would kill a living plant.

Find your Perfect Artificial Plant Today
Our specialised knowledge of our stock has been gained over many years of research and testing - we really do know our artificial plants!
We offer exceptional customer service, going above and beyond to create an eye-catching and perfect space you can enjoy every day.
Treat yourself to stunning artificial plant at a great price – they are for everyone … not just the green thumbed few.

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