Why every office needs a Yucca Plant


Have you noticed how office décor has changed in recent years? It’s unrecognisable from ten years ago. Thankfully the old dynamic of countless cubicles and colourless stalls are a thing of the past. Finally, it seems that employers have noticed that attractive workplaces create spaces where employees want to be. And happy workers, work harder. 
And so, there’s been a move to open plan style offices, that host chill out zones, large kitchen areas with great snacks, natural light, an abundance of plants and an impressive array of multicoloured bean bags. And by all accounts, this new and improved décor works.

Plants equal productivity
Studies have shown that the presence of plants alone in the workplace increases productivity by up to 15%. It appears nowadays, that having plants in the office isn’t just a ‘nice to have’, they’re a necessity. Greenery is a staple in the modern office.
But the last five plants that came in the door of the office wilted and died before they even sat on a desk. The office staff can run a business, host events and chair meetings but cower in fear at the sight of a potted plant. Their green thumbs have been tested and failed. Nobody wants the extra responsibility of keeping a plant alive, or the worry over discolouration and shrivelling leaves. Do not fear. Fake yucca plants are here.

Some of our favourites. Your can see all our Yucca Trees right here.

Green Yucca PottedYucca Tree PottedYucca Tree 1.5mYucca Plant yellow and green

Yucca trees save the day
Yucca trees are the ultimate in urban décor. They’re essential to liven up an office or brighten a living space. They are tough plants with sharp tipped leaves and evergreen foliage. There are a variety of Yucca species in the wild, and we have carefully selected the more classic style that will thrive in an urban setting. Our trees have real timber trunks and silvery green leaves, some with highlighting yellow edges and robust leaves. When you choose the right base material for one of the taller trees, maybe a rustic cement pot, they will compliment the surrounding area beautifully. 

It’s not easy to spot it with our trees, because we have painstakingly chosen the best, but the Yucca trees are artificial. This means they never have to be watered, pruned, re-potted, moved into or away from direct sunlight. In fact, all these gorgeous plants have to do is to be enjoyed. The office will thank you. You can kiss goodbye to sterile featureless office spaces and welcome peace and serenity into your surroundings. These plants can create a calm and tranquil atmosphere without any of the stress.

Indoor plants are stress relievers

The Yucca trees will brighten up a reception area, liven a gloomy corner, bring colour and life to a dull, uninspiring wall. You may not have thought you were a feng shui master but surprise - just the simple act of inviting greenery into your place of work or home invites a calmness and tranquillity you didn’t know you were missing. 

Add to the lush surroundings with some yucca plants. Grouped together they’re tall enough to work as desk separators, creating an imaginative inviting space. Position them on walled shelves to create a stress-free zone, where people can enjoy a coffee in peaceful surroundings and replenish focus. These are versatile plants that will add freshness and joie de vivre to an office, they’ll work in a bathroom, on a desk, or in the kitchen area.
Office greenery is more than a trend, and this evergreen foliage is here to stay. The challenge is making it work for you.    

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