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What Do You Put In The Bottom Of A Vase With Fake Flowers?

Decorative Flower

Artificial Flower Arrangement

Like actual flowers, fake flowers can be arranged and placed in vases around the house. You may be pondering what to put in the bottom of these vases, what type of water to use, and what designs will make your vases stand out. This is where vase fillers come in.

Vase fillers are a fun way to add an extra creative element to your home's flower and plant displays. There are so many different vase filler options to choose from. Vase fillers are popular because of their ability to make your space exceptionally eye-catching.

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Why Use Vase Fillers?

To Complement Your Flowers and Plants

Using the best filler material enhances the already existing beauty of your dried flowers and plants. For instance, instead of just placing dried branches inside your vase, put them on polished pebbles and stones to give your space a simple and attractive, natural look.

A Variable Design Technique

There are various types of vase fillers that allow you to express your creativity. You can change them up any time and any way you like, creating different combinations, developing something unique in just a few minutes.

Design Differently Every Season

If you cherish seasonal themes and designs, then you need vase fillers. When autumn comes, for example, add some pine cones or acorns to the vases you have, replace them during spring with dry flower petals, coloured crushed glass, or high-quality faux fruit.

Easy to Store When Not in Use

Most filler ideas are items that don't perish quickly, and you can easily store them away when you are not using them. This means that you can use them for many years and always have them at your disposal just in case you decide to change the design in your space.

Flower Arrangements

Vase Filler Ideas

Here are some cool ideas of what to put in the bottom of your flower vase.There are two main types of fillers you can use, depending on the type of vase or planter you have. If you're using glass, then this also means the filler needs to be visually appealing in so it looks great when it's all in place. 
The other type is for vases that are anything but clear. This is a little easier as you don't need to worry about the visual affect of the filler. This is the first one on the ideas list...

High Grade Floral Foam

You've probably seen floral foam before without even knowing it. Any time you order a flower arrangement from a florist that comes in a gift box or vase where the flowers are neatly held in place, floral foam is usually the reason why. Floral foam comes the shape of a house brick and can easily be cut with a knife into the exact shape you're wanting. We us High Grade floral foam in many of our flower arrangements and commercial installations as it's much longer lasting that the cheap and nasty alternatives. It is also a fantastic addition to pots and planter boxes where you need to bulk out the space without using something really heavy.

If you'd like to see our High Grade Floral foam, you can check it out right here.


For an easy and quick idea, try using buttons! If you want to achieve a neutral look, use a monochrome with buttons in different beige and white shades. However, if you want it to be colourful and quirky, try using a rainbow hue. You can also use buttons of various sizes to get a beautiful visual appeal and texture mix.

Acrylic Water and Stones

You can put in quick water and stones of different shades into the vase. This gives you a classy natural touch! Quick water or acrylic water refers to “fake water” that is put in vases with fake flowers. The water solidifies with the flowers, so be sure to add in whatever design item you want to before the water sets.

Wine Corks

If you are an individual who loves wine, thinking about keeping the corks from your weekend drinks to make a creative jar or vase filler instead of throwing them in the trash can. Think about either leaving the plants seated in the corks or add some artificial water/ resin to keep everything in place.

Coffee Beans

If you are a fan of drinking coffee, there is an idea you can use to make your décor look more beautiful using coffee beans. Fill up your vase using coffee beans to get a great texture and sweet aroma. Coffee beans are the best for holding fake flowers or pillar candles in place.

Artificial Moss

For an look that is truly inspired by nature, consider lining your vases with artificial moss. If you have a glass vase this can look really stunning, as it hides all those ugly flower stems that are usually very visible. When you use artificial moss to line the vase, it also adds more greenery to the arrangement for an ultra lush look.
You can find our  High Quality Faux Moss here.

Scrabble Letters and Numbers

For those nerds among us (no judgement, we definitely fit in this category) think about using scrabble times! Filling the vase with the game's different letters is exceptional look for styling your home office desk, your child's room, or bookshelf!

Rock Salt

It feels good when you look at colourful crystals in your vase. All you need is to add the exact amount of rock salt you want together with some drops of food colouring. Shake this food salt thoroughly till the colour is distributed evenly. Place the container in the sun for the salt to dry. You can then put it into the decorative vase.


Layered Beans & Legumes

You can pile up your favourite beans and legumes in a layer and place them into decorative vases to come up with a beautiful centrepiece!


Pinecones are one of the easiest vase fillers to acquire. They look vibrant and attractive if you arrange them perfectly.

Decorative Filler Sand For Creative Design


Aside from the filler ideas above, most people prefer sand. It is the most creative filler idea since it brings the natural environment to the interior and changes the flowers' look. Below are some reasons why sand fillers are becoming very popular and outstanding.

Brings the Beach Environment Indoors

Many people love enjoying the summer at the beach. Just like fake water, when you use sand as a filler for your vases, it acts as a medium for bringing the beach environment to your décor. Just take special care when using sand as it’s really easy to get it everywhere!

If you stay near an ocean or lake, you can easily do this because sand gives the best design accents for cottages around the beach or waterside getaways. Matching your interior design with beautiful aspects of your external landscape is an ageless design trick.

Lots of Texture and Colour Choices

Sand fillers come in a variety of textures and colours. For instance, you can get all types of sand, including fine, light types to very coarse varieties with larger grains. In the past few years, coloured sand has gained popularity because you can display it using various sand colours arranged in layers.

The use of various coarseness levels in your display makes your flower arrangement unique. Coloured sand can be the most creative and vibrant filler displays.

Lasts a Lifetime

Investing in quality fillers guarantees you get a display that looks great. Sand will never expire or go bad and will maintain its form for countless years. This makes the sand more advantageous over most other fillers because they don’t need replacing time and time again.

Easy to Combine with Other Vase Fillers

Using sand gives you an excellent opportunity to combine it with various beach-themed fillers. For instance, it's possible to develop a small beach scene in your glass vase, including seashells, your sand, pieces of driftwood, sand dollars, beautiful sea glass, and much more.

Perfect for Terrariums

Terrariums are little decorative displays commonly created in transparent glass vases, bottles, or bowls, which have arrangements of small plants and a variety of dry vase fillers. These displays are highly customised with the mixture's best substance, making the terrarium design perfect for sand.

It’s Affordable

Decorative fillers commonly cost roughly $5 or more if you want them to last for a long time. Sand is, therefore, the longest lasting, budget friendly option. It allows you to change up the style and look of your arrangements for a completely new look and feel… complementing your home as time goes by, especially when new furniture it added.

Examples Of Flower Vases

Mason Jar

These vases save on cost because they are less expensive and can be combined effectively with farmhouses or rustic décor. They fit various themes like modern and vintage based on how you decide to style them. You can also paint the mason jars, decorating them with twine or ribbon, or allow the jar’s elegant shape to follow the arrangement and be the main centrepiece on the table.

Milk Bottle

Milk bottles have wide mouth brims and long necks. Therefore, bouquets with filler stems and foliage seem to shine. This vase's shape complements your lush bouquet, giving a rugged, rustic look and even making a few flowers more conspicuous to give a more delicate style.

These vases always work best when put in sets and come up with an entertaining tablespace. Try to arrange the milk bottle vases inside a metal carrier to give a vintage look.

Rustic Vase

Rustic vases typically have narrow openings and rounded bottles. The bottom of such a vase is wide enough to support weighty flowers without being knocked over easily. This shape works better in your kitchen or window sill because of its playful and informal nature.

Cylinder Vase

These vases are simple and beautiful, with timeless shapes and different sizes. You can combine them neatly with tall stems like roses or elegant silk flowers. Single or lush flowers look fantastic as well! Because of the shape and height of your vase, it's possible to decorate your guest room, dining table, and bookshelf with cylinder vases.

Putting your cylinder vase on the dining table makes a stunning statement. However, you may need to place them strategically to allow guests to see and talk with each other.

Bouquet Vase

When you want the best for your home décor, the best item to hold your lovely lush flowers is a bouquet vase. They have a bottom-heavy shape and can work better with larger flower heads (think proteas, banksias, large roses), to make the centrepiece look balanced. With that in mind, it is advisable to use one that is 17.8 cm or seven inches tall to ensure your vessel doesn't overshadow your blooms.

Square or Cube Vase

Cube or square vases are great centrepieces on side tables, coffee tables, or outside entertainment spaces. They become a raised focal piece if accompanied by large candles or books and can be seasonally styled to complement the décor of your space.

Ceramic Vase

Using a ceramic vase is great to switch up your décor style. The vase shapes range in colours and textures to perfectly match any décor you want. These vessels work very well to decorate exterior entertainment spaces or bookshelves.

Bud Vase

Bud vases are designed to highlight your fresh bouquet or artificial flowers and are a delicate supplement to the fireplace mantel. You can also incorporate it when styling your bookshelf or elevate a classy plate setting. Bud vases appear great when grouped.

They are a great alternative to other centrepiece. Another advantage of a bud vase is that you don't have to remove them from the dining table when you receive visitors because their small size doesn't block them from seeing and talking to each other.

You don't have to use much effort during flower arranging. You can simply bunch them into a romantic and intimate table space or use a minimalist style to fully display the blooms because of how simple the vases are.

Bowl Vase

Bowl vases, also called fishbowl vases, are a unique way of highlighting your fantastic bouquet and generating artistic centrepieces. You may want to make this bowl the point of focus on your dining table or living room.

Pedestal Vase

These types of vases are easy to incorporate into an expensive-looking table setting, mostly seen at great dinner parties or weddings. You can make your pedestal vases stand on your floor and raise them to the level of the table. This helps in breaking up large row sections or halls. A beautiful glass pedestal vase with multiple colours can be seasonally decorated and become the focal point of the table space in your space.

So Much To Explore!

There are so many types of vase fillers you can put in the bottom of your vases with fake flowers. Besides their durability, fake flowers give you the chance to explore various vase filler ideas. To find the best fake flowers, check out Artificial Plant Shop.

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