The beauty in faking it, with artificial flowers, at your wedding?


There’s a growing trend in Australia right now for brides to choose fake flowers over real stems for their weddings. Surprised? So were we. And then we investigated further and realised it wasn’t as unlikely an idea as we’d thought.

Floral frenzy
We know that no wedding is complete without flowers. They capture the romance and delight of the day, adding freshness, colour and reflect the joy of the happy couple. They’re an essential element to the big day, which means that often the flower list for a wedding can be longer than the guest list. There’s button-holes, centre pieces, garlands, floral displays for the ceremony, flower girls, not to mention the bride and bridesmaids flower bouquets!

Everything can be prepared in advance
Ask any bride as it gets closer to the day and all they want is for things to run smoothly. No hitches, just get hitched. Unfortunately using natural flowers allows for unpredictability on a day when everything needs to run smoothly. Using fake flowers can really make sense for a couple of reasons. There’s no last minute stress, no need to worry about it falling apart when someone accidentally drops them. The button holes could have been made weeks in advance, the bouquet can be hanging next to the brides dress, and everyone can breathe a sigh of relief as flowers get crossed off the to-do list. 

Pick your favourites
There will be no surprises. The colours the bride and groom picked months beforehand are still available. Fake flowers, unlike their natural counterparts are not reliant on seasonal trends and changes. If pink Peony's in the bouquet will compliment the grooms socks, they’ll be available on the day, before the day and after the day.

Mixed Protea Bouquet
Artificial flower bouquet - protea
Mixed Pink Flower Bouquet
artificial flower bouquet - peony & hydrangea
Rose & Orchid Bouquet
Mixed artificial flower bouquet

Poppy Flower Bouquet
Poppy Flower Bouquet

Get crafty
If you’re a bit of a craft queen, take a look at our individual stems. They can be fashioned into various wedding props. Think flower garlands in hair, daisy chains for the flower girls (sturdy ones that they don’t rip apart). Also consider mixing it up and adding fake flowers to real greenery, you’ll be surprised at how effective that colour pop will turn out in photographs.

Too hot to handle
Wedding ceremony trends, that give us goosebumps, are full flower walls, or floral arches that scream romance and embrace the happy couple. We love them. Those mighty blooms are surrounded by deep green foliage. They make outstanding photographs. However, there’s literally nothing worse than attending an outdoor wedding, watching flowers wilt and wither in our unpredictable Australian summer heat. What’s the solution? You guessed it. Don’t risk it, fake it.
You can see all our artificial flower arrangements here - perfect for table centrepieces.

Last a lifetime
We get it, we know that a ginormous part of the wedding budget gets swallowed up by costly blooms. 99% of which get thrown out at the end of the day. Wedding flowers will only live in photographs, or might make it into a bowl of pot pourri. Using our flowers at your wedding means they get to live on. The flower bouquets can be gifted to the bridesmaids to remind them of the day. The bride can pop hers into a vase on the kitchen table and enjoy it for years to come. Button-holes can be framed and gifted as mementos... and floral displays can be rearranged into traditional displays for gifts to the in-laws. Two birds…one stone.

In conclusion
It may not suit everyone to go fully artificial for their big day. But we think that there’s definitely great benefits in incorporating some fake flowers into your wedding plans. Mix it up, plan in advance and good luck. 

Mixed Roses in Hanging Basket 1m
Artificial Pink Roses in hanging basket
White Blossom Garland 1.15m
Artificial White Blossom Garland

White Hydrangea Wall Mat 60cm x 40cm
Artificial Hydrangea wall flowers
Blue Hydrangeas in Hanging Basket 1m
Artificial hydrangeas in hanging basket

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