Spruce up your life with green vines and flower garlands


There’s nothing humble about a flower garland. Any surface that they adorn or drape themselves to becomes instantly majestic. With lush green leaves surrounding floral colours, a garland can provide classic decoration in many situations.

Even better than the real thing
Here at the Artificial Plant Shop, we have carefully sourced stunning life-like flower garlands and vines which have been fashioned into a contemporary design. All our artificial flowers and garlands are remarkably realistic. The leaves are variegated with highlighted tones and represent different stages of growth, just as their natural counterparts would. It’s very difficult to spot that they’re not the real thing. 

Back to business
We’ve recently seen an increase in small to medium sized businesses investing in vines and flower garlands for corporate events. Obviously to us, it makes sense. They look great, they create a classic, timeless atmosphere, they’re cost effective and they’re the best solution. It’s a one-off purchase and they can be used repeatedly. These durable, soft garden foliage plants can be enjoyed for years to come at work functions. Just a few garlands can decorate pillars and podiums, gazebos or curtain poles and provide a colourful boost to a drab function room.

White Blossom Garlands
Artificial Garlands - White Blossom
White Rose Garlands
White Rose artificial garland
Mixed Berry Garlands
Mixed Berry Garland
Geranium Trail Bushes
Cream Geranium Trail Bush

Say it with Selfies?
Flower arches are a definite focal point at a party. Our garlands, vines and lifelike flowers won’t snap as you weave them around metal frames to find their perfect positions. Unlike natural vines and flowers, our artificial plants can be handled again and again. Watch how the crowd will gravitate towards the arch, it happens every time... and trust us, everyone will want their photo taken under your floral display. You’ll be an Instagram influencer before you know it. 

Brighten up that entryway
Garlands aren’t just for sprucing up the dancefloor at the office Christmas party or livening up a conference room. Grouping garlands at entryways in homes and offices creates an inviting, clean appearance. Why settle for brickwork? A little bit of creative thinking can completely turn the mood around.
With some interesting lighting, a run of the mill walk-way can become a spectacular entrance. There’s always the option to twist silk flowers into the greenery to introduce a colour pop and variety. 

Mood enhancer
To alter the atmosphere of your home, office or event, consider some hanging bushes and vines. It’s a well known fact that bright flowers and peaceful green plants keep us in a positive frame of mind. It’s so easy to pop some garlands into planter boxes at doorways and entrances. They require no maintenance, are not weather dependent and look glorious and inviting.

Garlands are not just for flower girls at weddings. They have a multitude of purposes at home, at work and they look wonderful all year round.

Purple Geranium Trails
Purple & White Geranium Trail Bush
Bougainvillea Bushes
Hanging Bougainvillea Bush
Red Geranium Bush
Red Geranium Trail Bush
Peach Geranium Bush
Peach Geranium Trail Bush

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