Spectacular Artificial Flower Arrangements for your home


We love flowers. No matter what, flowers always make us smile. A proud orchid, delicate peony or a garden stable hydrangea never fail to raise our mood. Positioned on a reception desk or as a centre piece on a dining table flowers have the ability to make a space feel alive.

But as seasons change and temperatures heat up it can become difficult to keep flower arrangements alive and costly to keep replacing them. Which is why we thought we might introduce you to some of our artificial flower arrangements, with some ideas as to where to position them in your home or office.

Our flower arrangements are made with the utmost care in classic, contemporary designs. With realistic textures and soft foliage. And remember, they’re durable, very low maintenance (they require a minimal amount of dusting) last for years and years and look exactly like the real thing.

Think colour
Think of your artificial flower arrangement as another piece of furniture in the house. Flowers don’t just look pretty, they can add decorative and sophisticated aesthetics to any space. Plant it (pardon the pun!) in an area of the house or office where your display might compliment your wall art. Consider highlighting tones in your throw cushions, bringing out blushing hues in your rug. Try not to be too matchy matchy. Neutral toned flowers can work really well with a bright accent wall. Or position colours together that you may not have considered previously, just as in nature, it’s often surprising which colours might work together.

Some of our favourite flower arrangement

Artificial Magnolia Flowers in Iron Style PotEucalyptus Flower ArrangementWhite Blossom Flower Arrangement pottedPink Protea in Glass Vase

Office space
Generally bringing plants into the office is a risk. They require maintenance, sunlight and general looking after – tasks that you may not have the time or energy for. But we think we can all recognize the benefits of having plants in the office – so thank goodness for artificial office plants. Having green around breaks up the typical office décor that traditionally falls towards the grey, brown, metallics and whites. Bog standard hardwearing colours and materials that are crying out for a splash of colour.

Consider the Australian native plant, the eucalyptus. It is a beautifully peaceful plant to display in a work environment. Dark green symmetrical leaves with narrow stems of various height and sizes. This plant works hard to create a relaxing environment that you can look forward to working in everyday.
If you’re looking for more of a floral burst than to brightening up your office spaces take a look at some of our full bloom artificial flower arrangements. Placing one of our stunning white blossoms on a pedestal in a corner or at a side to a reception desk can turn these flowers into an art installation.

Some of our most popular office plants

Fiddle Leaf PlantMother in Law TonguesBoston Fern 45cmAgave Arrangement Potted

Or these stunning giant proteas with graduated pink and yellow hues, making them look exactly like their real counterparts. With artificial water, it’s next to impossible to guess that these are not the real thing. These pastel clusters will liven up a reception desk, or breathe life into lifeless corners.
Small succulent style plants are another winner in terms of artificial office plants. Just a pop of green throughout the office is a proven mood enhancer. Like this agave arrangement with high pointy leaves and concrete pot.
You can always mix it up. Use a classic native and garden mix. Experiment with your style and see what suits your environment best. What kind of flower makes you smile?

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