Seen Kmart Artificial Plants and haven't found something you like?


You might think that all plant suppliers are the same, but the there are many differences between Artificial Plant Shop and Kmart artificial plants.
We both have different styles of businesses, so naturally the produce we offer differ greatly.
So what is the difference?

  • The Kmart artificial plants department is just one part of their product offerings - their stores have so many different departments.
    • For example, you can get socks in one department, toys in another, or you can stock up on toiletries or womens wear if you so wish
  • Whereas the Artificial Plant Shop specialises in just Plants, Trees and Flowers
    • Our extensive range revolves around all different types, sizes and styles of artificial plants.

So when you’ve seen Kmarts artificial plants, check out ours and see the difference for yourself.

We are The Specialists in field, offering Premium Products
All we do is Artificial Plants, Trees and Flowers so you will find nearly every shape, size and variety imaginable. Everything from the smallest 12cm plants, right up to the Giant 6 metre Trees.

If you see the Kmart artificial plants range and find yourself wishing you could find something perfect your spot, our Plants in Pots section is a great place to start.

Here are a few of our favourites… all with amazing attention to detail so they look ultra-lifelike..

Orchid 62cm in Round Clay Pot

Orchid 62 cm in Round Clay Pot

Fern in Ceramic Pot 30cm

Fern in Ceramic Pot

Kentia Palm Tree 1.3m

Artificial Kentia Palm tree 1.3m

Fuchsia Orchids in Black Bowl 50cm

Fuchsia Orchid in Black Bowl

Check out our range today and find our why we are so different to Kmart Artificial Plants

You can see all our Plants in Pots here, or our extensive range of Trees here.

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