Say goodbye to fake looking plastic trees


Indoor spaces need greenery. It’s a fact. Foliage of all shapes and sizes gives a space depth, colour and dimension. Incorporating plants into your décor is a fool proof way to create a peaceful, fresh atmosphere. Greenery makes us all feel a little more calm and tranquil. But if, like us you are a serial killer of fresh plants you know that the very idea of bringing a living thing into your home gives you chills. Like us, you are horrified at the thought of being responsible for watering, pruning and repotting a plant that you have no clue how to care for. There aren’t enough google searches and ‘handy tips’ to get you through it. Experience tells you that that plant will be yellowing in three days, wilting in five and dead as a dodo before the weekend has passed.

Artificial plants are a game changer for those of us lacking a green thumb. Particularly high quality, lifelike trees, just like the ones that we stock here at The Artificial Plant Shop. We only offer ultra-lifelike trees that will create ambience, we said goodbye a long time ago to those fake plastic trees. Remember those awful rubbery leaves and trunks that would bend as easily as a straw? We don’t stock anything like that here. Our trees are made with an intense eye for detail, ensuring our leaves are delicately variegated and at different sizes and our barks are remarkably lifelike. Just like you’d find in nature. 

Here are a few popular items...

Travellers Palm 1.2m
Travellers Palm TreeRattan Basket

Take a look at the Travellers Palm. We’re proud to say it’s one of our best sellers, our customers just love it. It’s a classic, contemporary style that’s just at home in small apartments or open office reception areas. It’s an exotic tree that can take your imagination to the tropics. It’s related to the bird of Paradise flower but is more like a banana tree with big banana like foliage. 

In the wild, or even in the garden, the Travellers Palm needs extensive space to flourish. It can grow enormous, literally 30 to 50 foot high. That’s quite a gamble to take in a small space, which is why having a fake one is so marvellous. You don’t need to worry about it overtaking the place. All the joy with none of the fuss.

Our Travellers Palm has long leaf stems of deep green that extend from the trunk. At 1.8 metres high and paddle shaped foliage it is an attention grabbing tree. This greenery will be noticed. The palm can look really stunning potted in one of our rattan baskets. The natural look compliments the plant and is an attractive piece for the home or office. Group it with the 1.2 metres high Travellers Palm, together the layering of heights add an interesting focus point to a room, and allow for a natural, tranquil ambience. 

For an elegant slant it can frame a doorway, or act as a useful piece for hiding unsightly fixtures and fittings around the place.

I can’t believe it’s not real…
This is a very difficult to spot fake. Position the palm in an area in your home or office where you would place a living plant, maybe by a window, best to choose somewhere with some sunlight. Then consider putting some real dirt at the base of the tree, or even a drip plate underneath the pot, no one will ever know it’s a fake – you’ll have everyone fooled. People will be asking you for handy tips on how to keep a Travellers Palm alive. Stay shtum. Don’t give away your secrets!

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