Palm Trees - a must have in every artificial oasis.


Palm Trees are sculptural masterpieces, easy greenery, sharp lines, delicate yet sturdy leaves. One of the real beauties of palm trees is the emotive response they conjure up in us. They remind us of exotic holidays, that we may never have taken but have flicked through in magazines with an envious sigh. On our first glance of a shimmering palm leaf we can hear the ice clinking in the glass, the sound of the ocean and smell the coconut oil. We are immediately relaxed, warm and calm. There aren’t many trees that can create feelings of luxury, fantasy and sunshine as well as Palm Trees can. Which is why they're such a great addition to our homes and offices.

When your real-life plants won’t behave
Unfortunately keeping a real-life palm tree alive indoors is incredibly difficult. They’re temperamental to climate, humidity and temperature. They’re also costly, which really stings when they wilt and droop despite of all your best efforts.

Here at the Artificial Plant Shop, we have sourced the most incredibly detailed, life like artificial trees for you to enjoy, like the Areca Palm. Our palms have lush green fronds, textured bark and come in a variety of different species. They work as a stand alone, in pairs or grouped together offering height and texture. They never have to be watered, pruned, repotted, rejigged towards sunlight. They’ll just look fabulous creating atmosphere and a comforting, relaxing space to be enjoyed.

Fresh and lively – the Areca Palm
Take a look at the Areca Palm, it’s one of our best sellers. An incredibly versatile palm it lends itself to any interior design look from contemporary to traditional. The Areca Palm is an elegant piece that brightens and livens any room. 
If you’re looking for height or presence, maybe for a room with high ceilings or a wide-open space that needs dividing, check out the older and taller brother of the Areca Palm. At 2.4 meters tall, he demands attention in a room. With a husky trunk, and green arching leaves this palm is of unmistakable quality. The leaves of various length create texture. It works alone or in a group could creates a dividing and living wall.

Teaming our artificial trees with the correct planters is essential. To really create a sculptural piece of art consider using modern tropical planters, complimenting the earthiness of the Areca Palm. Let your creative spirit run wild and choose what’s unique to your style.

Artificial Trees are an Interior Design must have
If you want to look beyond our many species of palms we also have a whole host of artificial trees of various types on display here. From Bamboo to Fiddle Leaf Figs, we really are a one-stop-shop. All of our plants and trees are carefully selected with realistic leaves, and textured trunks that look just like the real thing. It’s near impossible to tell the difference!

Artificial trees are a versatile addition to your home or office, they work in gloomy corners, can hide fixtures or fittings, create an exciting and fresh dividing wall. They create a seamless flow from indoors to outdoors, with chic finishes and a contemporary style. They can serve a multitude of purposes. You can enjoy them for years and years with low maintenance and no stress. It’s a purchase you won’t regret. Promise. 

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