Next Generation Artificial Flowers and their Benefits


We all have memories of the dust bowl, neon orange rubber flowers in Nanna’s house that sat in the same spot for twenty years. Poor old Nanna was fooling no one. The good news is that artificial flowers have dramatically changed in recent times, and it’s a lot easier to fake it. Here at the artificial plant shop, we carefully choose life like blooms, made from silk and latex materials. We look for classic, realistic flowers with textured stalks and varied leaves. We’ve sourced romantic, delicate floral arrangements that will never go out of style.

Being so lifelike you’ll think we’ve found mother natures clones and turn them into flower arrangements. It wasn’t easy but we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished.

Why choose artificial flowers?

Don’t get us wrong, we love natural flowers, we do. But over the years we’ve learned to really appreciate the benefits of going artificial.

They look incredible.
It’s true. The flowers we select look authentic. They are life-like, with deep natural colours, in different stages of bloom. Just as if they’d been plucked from nature. We’ve worked hard to find the very best of the bunch; variegated veins on leaves, varying petal colours and sizes, different stalk lengths. Our flower arrangements are carefully blended to incorporate classic styles.

Our flowers even pass the touch test. We’ve seen many customers look confused as they try and rip a leaf from a stem. That’s how good they are. We always try to enhance the experience for our customers so we’ve added beautiful flower arrangements to gorgeous glass vases with fake water. It’s next to impossible to tell the difference.

Pink Proteas, almost as Mother Nature made it.
Pink Protea Flower Arrangement
Wake up and smell the mixed roses.
Mixed Roses in Hanging Basket
White Blossom flowers, tall and impressive.
White Blossom Flower Arrangement
Take your blues away with  Blue Hydrangea's
Blue Hydrangeas in Glass Vase

Always in season.
You can have year-round flowers, that aren’t dependent on the weather, the soil or where you live in the country. Pick your favourite colour, favourite flower and enjoy it no matter what the time of year. Imagine roses in winter, daffodils in autumn, blushing pink peonys 365 days a year. Positioning a vase of bright coloured fresh looking blooms in your hallway will bring delight and enhance your mood every time you cross the threshold.

No allergies.
A small but important difference between real and fake flowers. Allergy sufferers know the real pain of being exposed to pollen. Thankfully with artificial flowers stuffy noses, itchy eyes and headaches are a thing of the past.

Low maintenance.
We’re not going to say no maintenance because we recommend dusting your flowers over leaves and petals occasionally, but compared to their natural counterpart that’s easy street. You don’t need to change the water, pick up droopy petals or pare back foliage. 

Not light sensitive.
These flowers won’t wilt in the heat or wither when the temperature isn’t quite right. They don’t need to be in sunlight, in fact they bring their own ray of sunshine wherever they're positioned. You don’t need to worry about them dying or watching their slow demise over a period of days.

If you want them to hang around for years and years, they will. But why not give yourself free reign in the house and change up their position, move them around from time to time to see how well they enhance other spaces. No need to worry about killing these plants by over watering or no enough watering. 

Buying artificial flower arrangements are a great investment that instantly infuses a touch of nature to your home or office. With a minimum amount of care and attention, they can bring delight for years to come. 
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