Big Suppliers like Ikea Fake Plants and Ourselves have been Saving Allergy Prone Brides – Find Out How!


A wedding is a very special occasion that is celebrated with perfumed plants and flowers, but sadly not all brides have this option, as we and our competitors at Ikea fake plants know only too well.Historically it would be akin to blasphemy to even consider a fake plant or an artificial bouquet for a wedding. But the recent advances in the lifelike production of these artificial plants has now gained them respectability.

Fake Plants and Flowers are a Brides Saving Grace!
There are increasing numbers of brides who suffer from allergies that make having real plants and flowers a nightmare!
Can you imagine a bride who can barely see out of her red and swollen eyes? Another option is available and fake plants can not only save the day but preserve those memories for years to come.
If Ikea fake plants aren’t really your style or the level of quality you prefer, here at the Artificial Plant Shop we have an extensive range and our selections have decorated homes, businesses, and weddings for many years.

The Advantages of Fake Plants
Brides to be can order a range of luscious plants and a selection of favourite flowers including glorious Orchids and Roses, without suffering a single sniffle.
Our Blossom Garlands are perfect for the church pews. Our Hanging Ivy Leaf Bush or Ivy Bush Vines are simply beautiful if you’re wanting to add a touch of greenery to the occasion. They can lift the atmosphere to those otherwise bland settings.
It doesn’t matter what the season, our plants are always look stunning. They don’t need water or maintenance and they can be arranged ahead of time allowing flexibility to the time schedule.

Planning the Event is Easier!
Our trailing plants, hanging ivy, silk orchids or other flowers can be woven by your florist around an archway, well ahead of time.
If you can’t find anything suitable in the Ikea fake plants range and would like to find some premium products with wow-factor, or create some rich, lush foliage walls at wedding receptions for a focal point for speeches and wedding photos, check out our range today.
Consider our mini potted Orchids that are perfect for elegant table decorations. They come in a tray of twelve and look amazing. We also have rose topiary bushes that any bride will love. Imagine a row of topiaries leading up to the bridal table at the reception.

Rose Hydrangea Bouquet

Rose Hydrangea Bouquet

Hanging Ivy Leaf Bush

Hanging Ivy Leaf Bush

Mixed Potted Orchids

12 Mixed Potted Orchids

Blossom Garland

Hanging Blossom Garland 1.15m

The Final Word.
Fake plants and flowers will allow you and your guests to relax during your special day, knowing they won’t have to resort to allergy medication to get through the wedding.
We can supply a whole range of ultra-lifelike artificial plants for your wedding or special day, delivered to your door and often delivery by the next business day, unlike our competitors such as Ikea fake plants.
And at the end of ceremony, the bride and groom can keep these beautiful arrangements. By adapting them to suit their home, these fake beauties will bring many happy memories for years to come.

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