Stunning lifelike alternatives to Ikea Artificial Plants


Restaurants, hotels and business offices are familiar with the Ikea artificial plants, but our online has been busy supplying premium quality bulk artificial plants to venues and commercial projects for years.
We can supply an extensive variety of premium artificial plants in bulk, that many other retail outlets find hard to source - all ultra-lifelike.

Businesses Love Our Artificial Plants.
Our artificial plants are meticulously crafted and brimming with realism. You can see this if you visit the Harbourtown Eats on the Gold Coast.
This recently upgraded eatery area within the huge retail outlet has been given a new lease of life with UV resistant plants. These included amazing numbers of lush green Cissus Bushes which combined with other plant displays created a welcoming area for family and friends to meet up and relax.
From car showrooms to rooftop bars (as in the HI-LINE Rooftop Bar at Crown Perth - another amazing venue), we have the ability to supply large quantities of quality products at a competitive price… within even the most demanding of deadlines. See some of our commercial projects here

Is It Time to Update Your Office?
The reception area of an office can make a huge impression on your clients. Create a powerful impact by selecting impressive Fiddle Leaf Trees or Japanese Bamboo Trees from our extensive range. They truly are spectacular!

Fiddle Leaf Trees

Fiddle Leaf Tree 2mFiddle Leaf Tree 65cm

Japanese Bamboo Trees

Japanese Bamboo Tree 1.6mJapanese Bamboo Tree 1m

Find something you may not find in the Ikea artificial plants department... we are specialised suppliers of premium quality faux plants.

Advantages of Using Artificial Plants.
Unlike real plants, our artificial varieties can withstand low light areas, don’t require water or repotting and most importantly they stay as fresh as the day they arrived. 
When choosing a plant we picture in our minds a plant of just the right size for the space… with real plants, if you do everything right, they outgrow their space and you have to start all over again with something that is just the right size. Artificial plants stay just the right size and look picture perfect all year round - no maintenance and no fuss.
Maintaining a quality brand is paramount in business, and the atmosphere in your business or project goes a long way to creating that in peoples minds. There is nothing worse than a wonderful commercial project that has cheap, tacky fake plants. Artificial Plants really can make or break the image of your project… we believe it’s best to use great quality products you can be proud of and really enjoy looking at every day. Do it once, do it right and you’ll enjoy the results for years to come.

What We Do Best!
Tell us what you would like your space to look like, and regardless of how large or small the area, we can help bring your project to life and stand out from the crowd. We have some of the most lifelike artificial plants and trees in the word, so they look as close as possible tot he real thing.
Lead times for delivery are usually very quick and we’re no stranger to delivering on tight deadlines. Commercial orders can be shipped within 48 hours (often less than 12 hours) and to most metro areas of Australia delivery is often the next business day. If you’re on a tight deadline, give us a call so we can make sure all the logistics and delivery times meet your project requirements.We have extensive knowledge on all of our products so we’re happy to do the leg work for you, if you prefer, making product suggestions to suit your desired look… unlike other suppliers such as the Ikea artificial plants department.

Talk to us today for all your commercial artificial plant requirements. 

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