​How Using Artificial Plants Can Benefit your Business.


Does your office have a soft ambiance that allows your clients to relax while they wait? Or is it sterile, bland and cold in personality? Did you know that you can effortlessly give it a makeover with artificial plants that will add instant appeal?

First appearances for customers are important, and if they have to wait for their appointment, the ambience (or lack of it) can make a huge difference to their perception of your services? There is nothing that can affect the senses quite as much as soft green plants. They exude a soothing, positive effect, and yet, we understand how much work they can be. Your staff can over or underwater plants, and the result is the same – dead plants withered in a bowl. It’s not exactly the look you were going for, was it?

But there is an alternative – Artificial plants. I know these have had a bad rap in the past, but not anymore. The secret is to buy from a reputable supplier, one who sources only the best quality products, and I can guarantee you will have to look twice to see if they are real or not.

When I was in the hospitality industry, I replaced all our living plants with fake plants because the staff never tended them. The fake plants looked so real that I caught one of my staff climbing a ladder so a plant could be watered!!

Technology has come a long way and the artificial plants of today are experts made, using life-like materials that even feel real to the touch. Adding these to your office can act as partitions between staff members, they can screen other areas for privacy, and they lighten and brighten the atmosphere.

There is even a solution for those ugly walls that are hard to disguise – those that have wires, telephone lines and network cables over them. A vertical wall of artificial greenery disguises those ugly walls, and the look is very tranquil, natural looking and sophisticated.

The plants only need a wipe over with a damp cloth occasionally to look their best. Artificial plants are easy to shift around the office to create a new fresh look, and you don’t have to worry about staff or client allergies – there is no pollen or smell.

Cost wise, they are cheaper in the long run as opposed to fresh flowers because they last for several years. For minimal cost, you can achieve maximum impact.

So how will this impact on your bottom line? How will it boost business? Firstly it will cut costs, but the main benefit is the positive reaction you will get from your clients who will enjoy bringing their business to your office which enables you to increase your retention rate of customers.

Don’t underestimate the power of the fake plants for building your brand by showing innovative design style which will help create lasting business relationships. 

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