How to Fake a Fiddle Leaf Tree like a pro!


Has anyone else noticed the abundance of Fiddle Leaf Trees on Instagram? They are the ‘it’ houseplants. And if social media is anything to go by they’re here to stay. They’re a beautiful, big tropical rainforest plant, with immense leaves and strong timber trunks. They create an ambience in any room and draw your eye to wherever they’re situated. Put one in a big pot, rest it on a wooden floor and enjoy the majesty of this plant. They’re a stunning addition to any shop, home or office space.

They’re also notoriously difficult to keep alive. But perhaps that’s not a problem for you. Maybe you are that green thumbed person with the ability to simulate a rainforest experience in your home, if so, there’s no reason to read further, and we hope that you and your naturally grown Fiddle Leaf Fig are happy together. If however, you’re like the rest of us and wake up in cold sweats in the middle of the night wondering why, oh why, the spider plants leaves have turned yellow, and the supposedly hardwearing eucalyptus plant is practically bald, even though you the followed instructions to the letter – read on.

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Fiddle Leaf Tree 2mFiddle Leaf Plant 65cmPotted Fiddle LeafFiddle Leaf Fig Tree 1.9m

Razzle Dazzle ‘em
Naturally grown Fiddle Leaf Figs could shrivel and wilt away to nothing in the space of a week. They have exact requirements for the correct amount of sunlight, moonlight, dew on their leaves and songs from Broadway musicals hummed to them. If you manage to perfect all of these, the Fiddle Leaf tree can also outgrow your home, in the wild they can grow to 40 feet high. That’s how they’ll thank you for all that love you’ve shown them. That’s when you know they’re truly happy, when you’re sleeping on a camp bed in the garage and the tree has grown tentacles and taken over your lease. Think of them as the difficult teenager. 

Rest assured there is a solution – the Artificial Fiddle Leaf Tree. Phew – right? The same broad leaves delicate veins and textured bark. The same effect in a room that you’ve drooled over in glossy magazines and liked on Instagram. The same explosion of green foliage and the very same mood booster you’ve been looking for.
Our Fiddle Leaf figs have real timber trunks, in fact the only thing artificial about them are the leaves which have a waxy texture just like the real deal. They have realistic branching and host a variety of leaf shapes.

Our Fiddle Leaf Tree can brighten up a gloomy corner in an office, and it won’t need to be positioned ‘just so’ to catch the morning sun. In a terracotta pot, at the base of a fireplace in your home, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Maybe a smaller one might suit your lifestyle better. Take a look at the potted fiddle leaf, works on a desk or a shelf with other decorative items. 

Remember, you don’t have to sing to them, talk to them, water them, worry about them. They don’t need water, sunlight, moonbeams or a humidifier. You can disappear on a two-week holiday and they’ll be in just as much of a splendid condition as when you left.
We all want a taste of that interior décor classic style. We all want our homes and workspaces to be insta worthy, but without access to rainforest it’s difficult to grow a rainforest plant. So, let's embrace the Fake Fiddle Leaf tree and enjoy all it has to offer. No stress. No worries, and a full nights sleep.

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