How To Create An Artificial Plant Wall


There are few home decorating trends that give us as much of a swoon as the vertical garden wall. These seem to be everywhere these days, and from apartments to houses, studios and offices, they make an amazing impact. Of course, if you’re looking to add a vertical garden wall to your space, whatever that space may be, there’s a few things to consider. Here’s how you might go about it.

Go Natural

For those wanting to try a vertical wall garden with natural plant life, there’s a fair bit of planning involved. You’ll need to map the space available, think about the pots in which your plants and soil will be kept, assess the weight of those pots against the strength of the wall, and likely pay someone for installation. Along with that you’ll need to ensure you can reach all parts of the garden for trimming, that water flows effectively over it so all the plants are kept alive, and that someone is always keeping an eye on the vessels to ensure there’s no tearing or soil loss.

Or, you could leave all that hassle, and just get an artificial plant wall.

Embrace The Artificial Plant Wall
The beauty of the artificial plant wall is that it’s all there, and it’s all ready to go. Whatever the wall you want to put it on, this kind vertical garden wall is ideal for those wanting the look without the fuss. Ideal for covering up a wall you just hate, or adding a splash of green to your home, office, or rooftop garden, the fake vertical wall garden looks just as good as the real thing, with absolutely none of the challenges of maintaining it.

What’s On Offer
At the Artificial Plant Shop, we are big fans of vertical wall gardens, which is why we have several options that we know you are going to love. Take a look at the 3 top products in this space.

UV Treated Variegated Wall Foliage
Measuring 1m x 1m this statement piece is guaranteed to draw the eye indoors and out, and its UV treated so you don’t have to worry about sun exposure. Detailed and impressive, the wall has several different kinds of greenery, including grasses and boxwood foliage, for ultimate variety.

Ivy Fence Roll
A fantastic economical option if you have a considerable area to cover, this Ivy Fence Roll can hide any wall, or simply add a splash of green. UV treated so it’s safe in the sun, this 1m x 3m artificial plant roll is ready to go!

Laurel Trellis Expandable
Our expandable Laurel Trellis is a fan favourite, and it’s easy to see why. Stunning green leaves and the ability to fit any space, this trellis gets shorter as its expanded, so you can pop it in anywhere.

Whatever your style, there’s an artificial vertical wall garden that is going to suit you and your space. Don’t bother with natural plant life in your wall garden, the hassle is never going to be worth it when you can get the same look for less maintenance, money and challenge. Artificial for plant walls it’s the way to go!

Laurel TrellisVariegated Wall FoliageIvy Fence Roll

Expandable Laurel Trellis

UV Treated Variegated Wall Foliage

Ivy Fence Roll

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