How to Choose the Best Artificial Plant, like the Ficus Tree for Your Space


Artificial Trees are a great addition to any home, office or commercial space. They give you a chance to enjoy the actual feel and look of nature without any of the hassle. They are not only elegant but also won’t wither or change with the season and they stay exactly the same height and shape to perfectly fit your space. Here are few tips when choosing your artificial tree…

Cheap is Not Better
When you are purchasing artificial plants, flowers or trees whether it’s Ficus Tree, Bamboo, Wisteria or any others, you are making an investment in the next few years, crafting the look and feel you want for you space. There is nothing worse than doing it on the cheap and having to look a sub-par Artifical Trees ever day. When you invest in an ultra-lifelike Artifical plant or tree you get to admire it every day and everyone will think it’s the real thing! After all, who wants plastic looking fake plants?!
Most of our Trees have real timber trunks so only the foliage is artificial, ensuring they look as close as possible to the real thing.

It is Not all About Seasons
If you don’t like the idea of your space blooming with life and beauty only when they are in the appropriate season, then artificial plants and trees are perfect, staying evergreen all year round. On the flip side, if you prefer to keep in with the natural seasonal flow for an enhanced lifelike look, we would suggest either swapping your Trees throughout the season to replicate the looks through summer, autumn, winter and spring. Alternative, if you prefer an ultra-low-maintenance approach to this, choose evergreen varieties of Artifical trees which ensure you’ll have an accurate representation of nature all year round.
Most Ficus Trees are evergreen, so their leaves remain lush green throughout the seasons. We have a whole host of Artifical Ficus Trees available here at Artificial Plant Shop. Here are a few of our most popular… you can also view all our Ficus Trees here.

Ficus Tree 1.2m

Artificial Ficus Tree 1.2m

Ficus Tree 1.8m

Artificial Ficus Tree 1.8m

Ficus Vine Tree 1.8m

Ficus Vine Tree 1.8m

Ficus Bush Tree 1.8m

Artificial Ficus Bush Tree

Consider Your Home Décor
It sounds simple, but when shopping for artificial plants, you need to consider your home décor and style, before you go out on a shopping spree. When looking at potential Artifical Plants and Trees to place in you home or office, consider factors like height, leaf shape, lushness and colour. Having the right height Artifical Plant or Tree is really important… too small and it will get lost or too big and it will take up too much space. When it comes to leaf shapes, would you like something that has big broad leaves like a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree or something with more slender leaves like a Palm or Bamboo… or something in the middle like a Cordyline Tree of Dracaena.
Lushness can also be a tricky one to get right. Some of us like a really lush and green looking plant or tree, while other environments suit a less look, where you can see those real timber trunks, with all the texture of the real thing.
Lastly, do you prefer a green-only artificial plant or tree, or would you prefer something with a splash of colour, like our Wisteria Trees?

A few of our Flowering Trees

Lilac Wisteria 1.9m

Artificial Wisteria Tree with Lilac Flowers

White Wisteria 1.9m

Artificial Wisteria Tree with white flowers

Camelia Japonica 1.2m

Artificial Camelia Tree 1.2m

Bougainvillea Tree 1.6m

Bougainvillea Tree 1.6m

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