Find your Zen with an Artificial Bamboo Plant


Looking for a clear meditative space? Desperately searching for your yang? Or do you just feel like your home and even your office might be missing something? Well, don’t despair we’ve got you covered – you need artificial bamboo.

Natural bamboo grows at an alarming rate, needs constant trimming and buckets of sunlight if it’s to survive. For those of us lacking a green thumb but who crave a tropical feel, artificial bamboo trees are the only option. Here at The Artificial Plant Shop we only stock artificial bamboo that looks exactly like the real thing; lifelike leaves, rich foliage and natural bamboo trunks but without the problems of natural bamboo (like trying to keep it alive!) You get to enjoy this flexible, majestic and refined plant that creates a peaceful atmosphere and energy wherever you position it. This exotic plant is strong and delicate at the same time, like a good cup of tea.

Taking Artificial Bamboo Outdoors

Choose one of our stunning pots for your artificial bamboo plant and set up a cozy corner with a table and chair in your patio, deck or entertaining area. With the sound of the wind rustling in the leaves you’ll be transported to the tropics, we think it helps if you enjoy a gin and tonic too, mini colourful umbrellas optional. 
If you're keeping your new artificial plants outdoors, we always recommend purchasing a UV protectant spray and applying regularly (you can find them at your local hardware store).

Clumping tall artificial bamboo trees together, means among other benefits you don’t have to wait years for them to grow, and you can erect that privacy screen overnight. It doesn’t overwhelm and provides a rich natural looking tapestry. And no nosy neighbours peeping over the wall trying to invite themselves to your BBQ. Just a luscious blanket of foliage, swaying gently in the wind, and all the sausages you can eat.

Japanese Bamboo 1m
Japanese Bamboo Tree 1m
Japanese Bamboo 1.6m
Japanese Bamboo Tree 1.6m
Bamboo Tree 1.6m
Bamboo Tree 1.6m
Bamboo Tree 2.2m
Bamboo Tree 2.2m

Artificial Bamboo plants spruce up the Indoors
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, one of the perks of having fake plants in your home is that you don’t need sunlight. So that gloomy corner in your house, that you just can’t think what to do with – just add an artificial Bamboo Tree there and enjoy the perfect infusion of energy and beauty.
Enhance a walkway indoors or outdoors, line up some tall artificial Bamboo Trees in military precision, and watch as their leaves mingle. This can look really effective with some feature lights throwing shadows.

Create an indoor garden at home or in the office. Relax underneath the canopy and enjoy the sense of tranquility that unfolds. With Free, Fast Shipping and lots of different Bamboo's to choose from, you'll find just the one to suit your space at Artificial Plant Shop.

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