The Artificial Plant Shop Compared to Artificial Plants Bunnings


When shopping with the Artificial Plant Shop, we have something for every space, occasion and event, whereas the artificial plants Bunnings department choose to stock a limited line.

The Strength and Depth of Knowledge is like Gold in Business.
By concentrating on only supplying some of the most lifelike artificial plants in the world, we ensure your home, office or project looks as close as possible to the real thing… with none of the real-plant drawbacks - maintenance, watering, potting, repotting.
So, what sort of artificial plants does your home, office or project deserve?? The artificial plants Bunnings have to offer, or something more bespoke with a premium look and feel? After all, you buy them once, but you will most likely be looking at your artificial plants every day… and there is nothing worse than thinking “darn it, I should have gone with those ultra-lifelike artificial plants”.
Being specialists in the field, our customer service team are ready to help you find just the right artificial plants, artificial trees and flowers for you home, office or large commercial project. Even if you have no idea what to look for (maybe you just have a height requirement in mind), we can point you in the right direction and provide a few alternatives for you to consider.

Our Point of Difference and Why You Should Shop with Us.

  • We offer a wide variety of artificial plants and trees. The vast majority of our trees have real timber trunks, so only the foliage is artificial… and even then it’s hard to tell they aren’t real!
  • From small delicate flower stems to the large, majestic trees, we offer a wide variety of products in all shapes and sizes. The only thing to decide is which ones will work best in your chosen space.
  • Our range offers potted and unspotted items. While the artificial plants Bunnings have might be limited, we have something to suit every style and area.
  • Many of our products are real-touch, meaning they don’t just look real they also feel real. So the next time you have friends or visitors over, they’ll have to look very closely to tell the difference!
  • Seen a product on our website but wonder what it would look like from a different angle? No problems, just give us a call before you place your order and we’ll take some more photos specially for you.

A few winter favourites...

Spathiphyllum Lily 63cm
Spathiphyllum Lily 63cm

Rose Bush 70cm

Artificial Rose Bush 70cm

Cymbidium Orchid 70cm
Cymbidium orchid 70cm
Green Calathea 65cm

Green Calathea 65cm

With So Much Variety, You’re Spoilt for Choice!
When you’re looking for some fake plants, make sure you go for the quality of item that you’ll be excited and proud to look at each day. We’re here to exceed your expectations. We can offer advice and suggest some options that you may not have considered, specific to your circumstances, something you may not experience with the artificial plants Bunnings have. See our range of potted plants right here

We’re the Artificial Plant and Tree Experts.
We can organise your purchase, package your selection, and deliver them to your door anywhere in Australia, keeping in mind our free delivery offer for orders over $100 to most states.

Discover our stunning range today to find something just right for your home, office or large scale commercial project.

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