Artificial Plant Shop and Kmart Fake Plants just don't compare!


The number one reason you should compare the Kmart fake plants to ours is simple … not all fake plants are created equal.
Much like their natural counterparts, fake plants come in a variety styles and vastly differ in quality.
Artificial Plant Shop specialises in offering some of the most lifelike artificial plants and trees in the world.

Consider these differences.
When you’re wanting to jazz up your home or office, there are few things to consider when choosing artificial plants to suit your space.

  • The range of choice. Many department stores such as the Kmart fake plants division focus on a relatively small range of popular plants and target the wishes of the mainstream consumer. Our selection of plants and trees is extensive and even the most discerning buyer will find just the right ultra-lifelike plant or tree for your space.
  • Shopping with us at Artificial Plant Shop will save you time. Rather than going from store to store to obtain all the plants you want which can be both frustrating and time consuming, you can get everything you need in one place. Need some help or can’t be bothered to work out which plants might work in your space. We’re on hand to help, offering suggestions and alternatives to suit your space.
  • Realistic value – all our fake plants and trees are super-realistic right down to the real timber trunks and many of our plants are real-touch so they don’t just look real they also feel real.
  • Monetary value – As the saying goes “you get what you pay for” so yes, you’ll find all sorts of pricing difference between Artificial Plant Shop and Kmart fake plants. Specialise in offering plants and trees you’ll love looking at every day. What sort of look are you wanting to create in your home?

Our extensive product range - some of our less well known products include King Protea’s, Wandering Jew Bushes, Calathea, potted Hydrangeas and so much more. Here are a few favourites...

Giant Protea in Glass Vase 38cm

Wandering Jew Bush 51cm

Calathea Green/Red 65cm

White Hydrangea 70cm

Another Reason to Consider our Fake Plants

At the Artificial Plant Shop, we have a huge variety and pride ourselves on our competitive pricing. The variety of our range will suit the home owner, the corporate office or the large business developers.
Using our fake plants, you can break up endless walls in the home or office. You can add warmth and vibrancy to a cold, uninviting space. Plants can soften a room making it more inviting to linger.
Fake plants can handle those difficult to decorate areas such as a sunny window ledge or a dark corner in the home. Whereas a living plant struggles in these areas, our beauties always look great!
Last but not least… fake plants are easy to care for as they only require an occasional dust or wipe over with a damp, soft cloth.
Packaging, Shipping, and Delivery is our Specialty.
So before you go purchasing some Kmart fake plants, check out our range. We ship Australia wide and offer tracking for you order so you can keep an eye on your delivery every step of the way.

It is our personalised service, the huge selection of artificial plant styles, and the minute, realistic details woven into the design of each plant or flower that makes us a leading retailer in Australia.

You can see all of our potted plants here.

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