Artificial Hedges – they’re worth second look


Our customers are surprised by how quickly they’ve adapted and fallen in love with their artificial plants. We hear it all the time. People who thought they’d never enjoy a fake plant are reaping the benefits. No watering, no pruning, no maintenance, just happy customers. It’s music to our ears.

Now and again we ask our customers to take a look at a plant they may not have previously considered. For us, at the moment, that’s artificial hedges. We realise that many people don’t believe they have a need for artificial hedges in their home, but based on years of experience, you'd be surprised at just how amazing an addition of an artificial hedge can be to your home or office.

Evergreen contemporary elegance
Our artificial hedges are beautiful, durable, long lasting and realistic. Ranging in size from 1 to 3 meters, buy as a single or double or triple up depending on the size of the area you need to cover. They come in a range of evergreen foliage from Ivy trellis to Boxwood mats and Laurel Leaf Fences. With variegated leaves, realistic stems and various shades of green that are only found in nature. With two main types of hedges, free standing or wall hedges, there is a solution to perfectly suit your space. As you would expect, all our hedges are extremely lifelike and some of the best in the world. These stunning durable pieces have the ability to transform a space into a nature inspired oasis

Wall Hedges & Wall Garden

Vertical Wall FoliageFern Wall FoliageLaurel Leaf PanelIvy Fence Roll

Great outdoor solution
Our hedges are ideal for patio and entertaining areas. They create a forest like ambience. Watch as people relax instantly around greenery. And how your vertical garden will be admired for being a touch of contemporary elegance. 

We know as well as you do that your privacy is priceless, and more than anything you want to protect your privacy at home from prying eyes. Artificial hedges not only create a living wall but a dividing one too. They’re a must for disguising ugly balcony walls of apartments, they work well at creating a partition between your home and the backyard and they’re a wonderful addition to poolside showers, reception areas and front of house at the office.
You can also use them to cover unsightly areas, like where the bins are kept or the entrance wall to the garage. You see – a lot more versatile than you originally thought aren’t they? 

Free-standing & Trellises

Bring a topical feel indoors

What about the variegated vertical wall foliage? It’s one of our best sellers and really worth a second look. It boasts ferns, grasses, leaves, ivy all at different stages of growth, deeply textured and in luscious shades of green, and the boxwood foliage means it allows for complete coverage of the wall behind it. We know from customers that this has been used in hallways of offices and homes, in kitchens and front of office receptions. Or the UV treated version which is used outdoors in a number of outdoor seating café areas and balconies. It’s a truly exotic looking creation that should also bring peace and serenity to any space.

Whatever you do, don't forget to water them... kidding. This living wall will not die on you when you forget to water it, or prune it, or repot it. In fact it will remain green for years and years to come. An excellent cost effective and environmentally friendly solution. 
Take a second look at a space in your office or your home that would benefit from a little artificial love. It’s worked a treat for many of our customers' projects, and it can for you too.

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