Benefits of Using Artificial Plants like the Areca Palm or Golden Cane Plant


Nothing beats the fresh green foliage, the bright sprays of flowers and the sweet smelling scents of natural plants. The best thing is that it is now possible to simulate most of these features using artificial plants like the Areca palm or golden cane plant. Some of the advantages of using artificial plants, trees or flowers include:

A few of our favourite Palm Trees

Areca Palm

Areca Palm Trees

Kentia Palms

Kentia Palm Trees

Raphis Palms

Raphis Palm Trees

Parlour Palms

Parlour Palm Trees

They Remain Fresh Throughout the Year
One of the greatest advantages of going for artificial plants, flowers or trees is the fact that they always maintain their freshly appearance regardless of the prevailing season. In any case, they are not susceptible to changes in the climate and will give you the same bloomy, vibrant and lively look all year round.

They Are More Cost Effective
If you have ever done it, you understand that keeping your home or working space filled with fresh flowers is a costly affair, changing them weekly or fortnightly. Even through house plants do offer greater longevity, they can be quite costly to constantly replace if you don’t give them the TLC they require. So if you’re more of a brown thumb than a green thumb, it’s time to go artificial! Investing in high quality artificial plants and flowers are a great investment that you will love looking at each and every day. One of our most popular artificial plants are our Areca Palm Trees or Golden Cane Plants. You can see our range of Palm Trees right here

Have Allergies? Now you can have the look and feel of real plants without the drawbacks.
There are so many people that are prone to allergic reactions whenever they inhale pollen grains or come into contact with certain components of natural plants. One of the greatest aspects of artificial plants is that they don’t flare up any pollen or hay fever allergies. Thanks to real-touch, many of our plants not only look real, but also feel real.

Extremely Low Maintenance
Artificial house plants, flowers and trees are also extremely low maintenance. While real plants require constant care, which involves watering, pruning and repotting, here at the Artificial Plant Shop, our plants and trees are hassle-free. You can simply style them with vases or planters, place them around your home to instantly brighten up your space. All they require is some light dusting and wiping with a damp cloth.
Another great benefit of using artificial plants is the fact that you can place them just about anywhere. They are also durable and just as beautiful as the real ones. If you’re looking for premium quality artificial trees, flowers or plants, like the Areca Palm, Golden Cane Plant or so many others, the Artificial Plant Shop is the place to explore. We only deal in the best quality products that come with personalised customer care. 

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