4 Decorating Tips & Ideas for Hanging Plants


Decorating your home with a hanging plant seems pretty straight forward. But then again, it is really important to choose lifelike options and strategically place them around your home. In this article, we'll show you how to make most out of our artificial hanging plants. It's no secret that faux plants can easily make your home or office more inviting and pleasing to the eyes without adding any responsibility. Decorating your home or office with artificial hanging plants can be quite the mine field... with so much to choose from, how do you decide what is right for your space? 

Don't cut corners - Quality over Quantity 
It's a common misconception that all artificial plants look the same. But, that's not the case. The quality of materials and amount of detail can make a massive difference between a premium realistic plant and a cheap low-quality one. So, as much as possible, you should invest in high-quality artificial plants, like the ones we have here at Artificial Plant Shop. Remember, the goal with fake hanging baskets is to fill your home with nature's beauty, and you can't achieve that if its a cheap and plastic looking knock-off of Mother Nature's creation.
Bonus tip: When shopping online, look for a seller that posts actual photos of their fake plants. This way, you can have a better assessment of what they're offering. If they're using mock-up or stock photos, this can lead to a nasty surprise when they arrive at your door when they look totally different. 

At Artificial Plant Shop, all our photos are taken of the actual products, with no touch ups - so what you see is exactly what you get.

Choose a hanging plant that will complement your home
There is a lot to choose from in the hanging plants range. Whether you’re looking for a lush green, tropical feel where leaves and vines spill out from their pots, or your searching for a hanging basket stunning flowers like Rose or Blossom, there is something for every space. You can see all of our artificial Hanging Plants right here… Always select an artificial plant that will enhance the overall interior home design. Below you’ll find a few of our favourites and most popular items.
If you have a minimalist interior theme, you may want to opt for something classic and sophisticated like some Orchids.

Hanging Philo Bush Potted 60cm

Hanging Philo Bush Potted

Hanging Boxwood Vine Potted 74cm

Hanging Boston Fern 1m

Hanging Boston Fern 1m

Blue Hydrangea in Hanging Basket 90cm

Hanging Plants, blue hydrangea

Place them in spaces that look a little dark and lifeless
The great thing about artificial plants is zero maintenance is required. So you can place them in the darkest spaces of your home or office without worrying about whether they’ll wither up and keel over because they aren’t getting just the right about of sunlight of just the right amount of water. Adding Hanging Plants to those seemingly lifeless areas is a great way to lift the overall atmosphere of your space. The right artificial plants can turn even the most dreary of rooms into a a lush oasis, transforming it into an enjoyable space to spend time in.

Repot, repot and repot
Just like real plants, you can drastically change the appearance of a fake plant by simply changing its pot. You can choose from minimalist geometric pot; a natural jute hanging planter or even go vibrant with colourful enamel patterned planters.
Bonus tip: Make sure to have the right pot size - one that compliments the size of your artificial plants. Planters that are too big can make it feel like the plant is being swallowed, or you’re waiting for it to grow to fill the space (with artificial you’ll be waiting for a very long time!). Sometimes a pot that is too small can be a good thing though… giving the overall appearance of an incredibly lush and healthy plant that is spilling out, hanging over the edges. A smaller pot with your hanging plants can also work well if you’d prefer not too see the pot at all. Consider a couple of these options below - neither of which need pots!

Hanging Fern 75cm

Hanging Fern Ball 75cm

Hanging Fern 1m

Hanging Fern 1m

Fern Ball Mixed 50cm

Fern Ball

So go on, take a look around at our range of Hanging Plants and let your imagination run wild - don’t forget, if you need some help or want a little advice or some product ideas based on the space you have, we’re only an email or phone call away. Click or tap here to see our entire range today.

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