​3 Reasons Why Fake Plants Suit A Modern Lifestyle


Plants are a wonderful thing to have in your home. However, while past generations found it suited them to put down roots, both figuratively and literally, the new generation is is out living a more modern lifestyle and finding that there isn’t much time to take care of real plants at all.

That being said, it’s a pretty exciting time to be alive right now. We have greater opportunities, a world that is open to be explored, more freedoms than ever before. It’s no surprise that people are taking advantage of that. At the same time, it has become more ‘stylish’ than ever before to have a home bursting with greenery, and people are trying to find a balance. How can they decorate their space with that ‘wild inside’ feeling if real plants just aren’t for them? That’s where fake plants come in, and here’s three reasons they absolutely suit a modern lifestyle.

They’re Super Low-Maintenance

If you want low maintenance, that’s exactly what you’re going to find when you choose fake plants over their natural kin. While real plants require the right pot, the right soil, the right amount of water, the right location and the right weather to look their best, artificial ones arrive ready to go, and always looking good. The most maintenance you’ll need to do on any artificial plant is to ensure it isn’t being faded by too much direct sunlight, and occasionally wipe it down to keep it glossy and looking as realistic as possible.

They Allow You To Green Any Space

There’s no shortage of beautiful photo spreads inside interior design and style magazines showing plants flourishing in every room in the house. Sadly, not everyone is lucky enough to have the sunlight orientation or even the windows to grow plants in all the places they would like to. Sure, you could spend your days rotating plants to ensure they’re growing well, or you could just get fake plants which can go anywhere. Yes, whether you’re looking for something for your window-less bathroom or your cosy, (but dark) bedroom, fake plants are guaranteed to green the space without the hassle.

They’re Friendly For Travellers

Is there anything more challenging than attempting to find someone to ‘babysit’ your plants when you go away? This is just as much of a hassle when you’re taking a weekend trip as when you’re heading out on an extended getaway. Face facts people, nobody wants to look after you plants! At least with an animal there’s something to be gained, but plants are really only loved by those who grow them. That’s why artificial plants are so ideal for the traveller, whether you take frequent short trips or infrequent long ones. There’s no need to worry about who is going to water and maintain those green babies, your artificial plants will still be there when you return!

It’s pretty obvious that, for those living an exciting modern life, there isn’t as much time in the day to worry about keeping your plants alive. So stop throwing away money on sad, undernourished natural plants, and choose some stunning artificial plants that always look good. For us, that’s an easy choice. 

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