3 Big Myths About Fake Plants We Want To Bust


Fake plants have picked up something of an unfair reputation over the years. Naysayers are quick to shoot down interest in them with words of warning about how shabby and unstylish artificial plants are, and how they’re not ever found in homes. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and as purveyors of quality artificial greenery we’re sick of hearing these myths. That’s why we’d like to bust three of them right now.

Myth 1: Fake Plants Are Only Found In Offices

While often seen in office buildings and in reception rooms, this is definitely not the only place they belong. This kind of décor is favoured in high traffic areas where natural growth may be damaged, or in low-light spots where greenery simply couldn’t thrive. So, what’s stopping you from using them in the same kind of locations in your home? When you don’t have much of the thumb for growing natural plants, or your lifestyle simply doesn’t give you the time to monitor them, artificial plants can be a perfect alternative. They offer a consistent greenery without the difficulty associated with natural growth, which is why they became popular in offices and why they’re also a perfect fit for any home.

Myth 2: Fake Plants Look Fake

Some people mistakenly believe that fake plants will never replace the ‘real thing’ because they are so easy to spot as artificial. This might have been the case decades ago, and still is with budget, sub-standard alternatives, but the truth is that high quality artificial plants are so realistic it’s difficult to distinguish them from their natural brothers. While you won’t get this kind of quality at import emporiums, you will find some suppliers, such as the Artificial Plant Shop, offering hand-crafted, ultra-lifelike products you’ll struggle to tell the difference. This realism is due primarily to the calibre of the materials, including real timber trunks on trees, and high quality polyester, plastic and metal supports and structure, with a strong attention to detail.

Myth 3: Fake Plants Are Out Of Style

It’s more common than ever before to see well-styled homes simply full of plants, trees and flowers, and a natural atmosphere inside. With the push for more greenery in the home fake plants are seeing an enormous resurgence among those without the time, desire or environment to maintain natural growth plants... no hassles associated with natural growth. So don’t listen to anyone who claims artificial plants aren’t in style, because greenery of all kinds is ‘in’ right now.

Clearly, these persistent myths don’t have a leg to stand on, which is all the more reason to look past them. Instead, explore the stunning, and realistic fake plants we have available now at the Artificial Plant Shop, and ensure those myths stay busted. 

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