Times have changed since rubbery, plastic plants! Here's the new Generation.


We’ve put in the work so you don’t have to. Remember those awful plastic plants you used to see? They looked like they were cooked up in 5 minutes and everyone could immediately tell they were fake... really fake. 
We believe that if your artificial plants don't look like the real thing, then what the point?! We have ultra lifelike plants to suit every imaginable space. We’ve sourced textured stems, variegated leaves in various hues of green, and plants of various heights and styles. We’re proud to say that we've scoured the globe, searching for the best. Whatever your indoor or outdoor problem, we have a solution.

Garden looking overgrown?

Remember when you bought those statement plants – those small birch trees, or palms that stood like proud soldiers on either side of the garage door or entryway? And they looked so good straight out of the shop – right? But fast forward a few months and they need trimming, more light, less light, regular watering and some TLC. They stopped standing proudly a while back and are drooping and wilting before your very eyes. They bring frown to your face every time you return from work and are greeted by their dilapidating forms. The problem is that you’re short of time so the real trees days are numbered. Now’s the time to consider replacing them with artificial trees... a far cry from those terrible looking plastic plants from days of old.

All our plants and trees are incredibly realistic and require no maintenance. A one-off purchase that will put an end to plant owning stress and stop you googling ‘keep ferns alive’ during your work day.

It’s easier than you think to fake it

Take a look at the Fiddle leaf tree, it stands at 2 meters. Works particularly well as a pair, if there’s room at your entryway, or alternatively as a stand alone in one of our rustic style planters. For a neater more contemporary feel, try the Laurel Ball Tree. At 1.1 meters it might suit a smaller verandah. The trunk is made of real timber and with deep green, variegated leaves it’s next to impossible to pick it as a fake.
If you’re looking for some flowers to brighten up your garden, the Camelia Japonica tree, could be for you. The flowers are all in a different stage of bloom, just like you’d find in nature, and the trunk is made from real timber. The veins on the leaves are clear to see in various shades of green. Take a browse through some of our more decorative pots to accompany it.

Fiddle Leaf Tree 2m
Fiddle Leaf Tree
Laurel Ball Tree 1.1m
Laurel Ball Tree
Camelia Tree 1.2m
Artificial Tree - Camelia
Areca Palm 1.9m
Artificial Palm Tree - Area Palm

Take your blooms indoors

Our stunning range of flowers also add real delight indoors. A bouquet of flowers can be a decorating boost to a home. Choose colours that not only make your heart sing but that compliment your interior. Pick up shades in throw rugs, and wall art. A pop of colour can really lift a room. 
Every home has a tricky spot that’s crying out for some attention. A cheerful bouquet of flowers can brighten up a gloomy corner, or dark hallway. One of the many benefits of artificial flowers is that they don’t need sunlight so you don’t need to panic. They’ll sit happily on the hall table, glowing with vibrancy and colour, looking just like the real deal. Some of our flower arrangements have artificial water in their vases as well as textured stems and lifelike blooms. You’ll have all your visitors fooled.

A flower arrangement also makes a wonderful housewarming gift. They’ll last for years, making their home feel alive, and the recipients will think fondly of you and your generous gift every time they stop to enjoy them. It’s a win, win. 

White Orchid Flower Arrangement 1.12m
White orchid Arrangement
Dark Pink Peony Arrangement 30cm
Pink Peony artificial flower arrangement
White Protea Flowers in Glass Vase 45cm
White Protea artificial flower arrangement
Giant Pink Protea Flowers in Vase 38cm
Pink Protea artificial flowers in vase

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